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  The unique biological characteristics of the cotton
  rat present an exciting opportunity to investigate
  mechanisms of human infectious diseases in a
  reliable and relevant small animal model.

Sigmovir Biosystems, Inc. scientists are committed to development of useful tools and reagents for the cotton rat model. Over 300 cotton rat genes that code for cytokines, chemokines, receptors, cell surface markers, apoptosis-related proteins and other proteins related to infection, inflammation and immune response have been cloned. Sequences for cloned genes are deposited in GenBank.

Our scientists are also actively involved in research presently funded through NIH support. Over 20 peer-reviewed publications on the infectious agents and the cotton rat model have been generated in the last 5 years alone. A number of important collaborations with various academic institutions have been established. Current areas of research interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Pathogenesis of RSV, hMPV, Influenza, and HSV infections 

  • Immunobiology of RSV and hMPV vaccine-enhanced disease

  • Inflammatory host response to viral infections

  • Role of Toll-Like Receptors in viral diseases 

  • Effect of aging on viral pathogenesis 

  • Establishment of transgenic cotton rat model

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